Leader in Plastic Fabrication

Litz Manufacturing is a leader in Plastic Fabrication.  Plastic welding and fabrication is the melting of plastic welding rod into a heated controlled barrel torch. The welding rod is melted against the corners and seems to attach the sheets of plastic together.  This allows Litz Manufacturing to build plastic tanks, trays, cabinets and other products.  Litz Manufacturing offers cost effective design and fabrication. We can handle small to large projects in our facility, from prototype to finished product.  Litz Manufacturing is a complete one stop shop for all your plastics needs.

Tools for plastic fabrication:  Hot air welders, Injection welders that shoot a 3" bead, routers, benders, table and band saws and all types of small tooling

Materials used:  Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PVC, UHMW, Styrene, UHMU, ABS, PETG

Fabrication abilities:
Plastic Welding and Fabrication, Cutting, Milling, Routing, Drilling, Bending, Glue, Form, Flame Polishing,

We pride ourselves in our products:  Plastic Tanks, Storage Tanks, Plastic Cabinets, Plastic Chemical Stations, Plastic Sinks, Plastic Trays, Plastic Drip Trays, and Enclosures and Plastic Fume Hoods, Plastic Water and Solutions Dispensers.

Customers in the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, electronic, automotive, transportation, hospitality and entertainment industries

No job to small or to large

Plastic Tanks

Litz Manufacturing fabricates plastic tanks of all kinds.

Semiconductor Cabinets

Polypropylene cabinet with acrylic doors.

Polypropylene Cabinets