Leader in the vacuum forming industry

Litz Manufacturing specializes in vacuum forming plastics.  Vacuum forming is a very cost effective process that heats sheets of plastic material pulling it over a wood, aluminum, or fiber glass mold. The vacuum removes the excess air and the material is formed over the mold. Litz Manufacturing has the ability to make custom molds and tooling in our production shop. We make acrylic domes for arcades, custom animatronic characters and so much more!

Litz Manufacturing has 3 vacuum formers taking care of all your needs from the smallest to the largest part.  Each vacuum former has the ability to make different sizes and thicknesses of parts.

Materials:  ABS, Styrene, PETG, Acrylics, Lexan, Polyproponate

Tooling:  In-house tooling made of wood, aluminum or fiber glass

Litz manufacturing serves a wide variety of customers, including: medical, aerospace, electronic, transportation and entertainment industries.

We are a custom shop, happy to help you complete any of your projects.

 Acrylic Domes

We custom make plastic domes for arcade games of all sizes.


We've proudly fabricated the legs and feet of a beloved animatronic character!

And so much more...

You dream it up, we will make it!